Yesterday, I received an Israeli Defense Forces letter from Uzi a Jewish IDF soldier asking me why I supported the IDF with a monthly contribution. This is the letter I wrote back to him.

Salome my Jewish Friend Uzi from the Promise Land.


My Gentile father, now deceased, served in and survived WWII. It was his honor to enlist and help fight or die for the freedom of not only the USA but also God’s chosen people, the descendants of Abraham. When Adam & Eve fell, God put enmity (friction) between the woman’s seed and Satan’s seed as a type of punishment that would protect the pure bloodline to the coming Meshiach.

Genesis 6 says the Watcher angels cohabited with the fair women of Earth. The women gave birth to giants as tall as the cedars of Lebanon. These Nephilim giants were part fallen angel and part human.

Satan wanted to get even with God for kicking him out of Heaven so he inspired the giant’s to eat up the animals and mankind, so he could keep the promised Messiah from coming to Earth. He murdered every man with Godly actions and inspired men like evil Cain to teach pagan worship, sacrifices, and witchcraft to stop the coming promised One.

Evil became so wild and rampant for 1000 years God told Noah to build an ark to flood the evil mix of the hybrid man-animals of chimera monsters. Satan taught much evil to anger God but mainly to stop the seed of woman from bringing the Holy One that would smash Satan’s head and ruin his evil DNA seed from spreading through the giants.

Noah was not a perfect man but he was obedient to God. He was the only man who still had a pure bloodline without any evil Nephilim DNA. Noah and his wife and three sons were the only humans Nephilim DNA free.

Satan patiently waited for Noah’s future grandsons and granddaughters to be born to begin spoiling the pure bloodline again. He picked a normal looking woman who carried the Nephilim DNA to marry Ham. Five sons later, Canaan’s wife produced eleven giants, 12 to 15 feet tall but they were ferocious! They eventually formed eleven tribes called the Sidonites, Hethites, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgasites, Hivites, Arkites, Sinites, Arvadites, Zemarites, Hamathites all living around Israel where the Messiah would be born.

This is why God had all the Nephilim tribes of men, women, children, babies and animals destroyed by Joshua, Caleb, King Saul and King David, etc. The evil giants would have not stopped killing the Jews until the pure bloodline was annihilated!

Nephilim Giant’s Bones Discovered All Over the World

The disembodied, evil demon spirits that came out of the drowning giants in the flood continued their evil killing through Canaan’s giant children. The spirits appeared as gods and showed people how to do hundreds of ungodly things in exchange for evil power. The more the people worshiped idols, sacrificed babies, killed people, the more satanic their power.

This 4,000-year, Seed War between God & Satan did not stop the pure, sinless Messiah from coming to save the world. Satan was so nervous not knowing which man out of the millions born would be the long, awaited Anointed One.

Even though Mary’s husband, Joseph, had a pure bloodline back to David, God did not use his sperm for the Messiah. Instead, God sent His own one sperm with one chromosome to be put inside Mary’s womb by the Holy Spirit which entered her one egg that contained the normal 23 chromosomes. Mary’s one egg provided all that the baby needed physically.

God the Father sent Gabriel with His one sperm with just one chromosome which was enough to give Yeshua everything He needed spiritually. When the Messiah was born in a Bethlehem stable as predicted in the Old Testament, they called Him, Yeshua, just as Angel Gabriel said.When Jesus was born He had the needed pure, holy bloodline.


A loving, patient God had used his good mankind to save the pure bloodline from Adam to Yeshua, for four millenniums. Yes, God had to command and allow the killing of ALL the Nephilim giants and the normal looking people who carried the Nephilim DNA genes. If he hadn’t done this we wouldn’t be here.

Satan learned the good Kings were visiting Yeshua so the jealous King Herod had all the babies, two years old and under killed. An Angel told Joseph to flee and take Mary and the baby to Egypt until He said it was safe to come back home to Nazareth. Yeshua was saved from death so He could save us. God was still protecting Yeshua so we could be saved later!

My gentile father loved the Jews and the God of the Jews. He quoted the Abrahamic verse in the Torah that says “Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. Genesis 27:[29] Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother’s sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curse thee, and blessed be he that blesses thee. God loves Israel forever!

God loves Israel and the IDF. He is not finished with Israel or the IDF who protect Uzi and his Israel. God has led millions of Americans to love and support Israel. God has not forgotten Israel to this day and He has a plan for them that only they can fulfill.

When I pray against Israel’s enemies I proclaim my power of prayer that Yeshua gave me when I believed in Him 50 years ago. I send the mighty Host with the most to make toast of the demons and push down the power of the fallen angels by annihilating their strong towers of evil plans over Israel to be destroyed. Amen!

Because the bloodline was protected by God the enemy (demons) are cursed, the IDF are blessed with protection. I’m blessed for obeying God the Father by sending the mighty Host of Heaven to protect all of Israel. It is my privilege and honor to pray for Israel, send the IDF money, confuse the enemy, put demons in dry places and be a blessing to God’s chosen people who God will give them a daily chance to believe in Him.

Satan has hated God for over 6,000 yrs. (Gentile calendar); (5,737 yrs. Jewish calendar) He totally flubbed and missed stopping Yeshua’s coming. Satan actually helped Yeshua complete His mission by crushing his head at the cross. But, like many Jews, he didn’t know Jesus was the Messiah. The Jews did not kill Jesus; it was the sin of all mankind that killed Him.

Satan is angry and he wants to get back at God by destroying Israel through her neighbors. Yeshua will protect & save Israel from total annihilation at the Battle of Armageddon with the sword of His mouth and billions of good Angels

When Jesus returns on His white horse with His millions of saints on their white horses, every knee on Earth will bow to Him; the Jews will repent & receive Him when they see His great glory and the nail prints in his hands and feet; the Gentile nations will bow but it will be too late and judged according to how they treated Israel.

My husband & I are retired and we live on a limited income. (Not all Americans are wealthy.) God makes our earthly things last longer. He blesses us because we bless Israel.

Please listen to the YouTube of a Israeli Jewish teenager, Nathan, who had a vision/visitation to Heaven and saw the beautiful, loving Yeshua Meshiach. Nathan told his Rabbi the one hour story you can see on You Tube.

God Bless You! Thank you for protecting Israel. I will pray that you find Yeshua before He comes back so you can be at peace and live and not die.


Kathy M Storrie



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Kathy M. Storrie