Running on the Edge of Glory by Kathy M. Storrie

Kathy M. Storrie
3 min readSep 15, 2023
This is our cat Heidi Storrie who loves to read books with lots of action. She talks meow talk to us but we don’t understand her. We found her at the animal shelter five years ago and she is such a blessing to us. This book she is reading is available on amazon.

This is a fiction story about a young teenage boy named, Joel Joseph, who witnesses the horrible murders of his sweet ministerial parents. And to think it was all over a measly $8.53 in the church offering plate. Joel and his sister, Noel, are devastated and in shock! When the ambulance doors shut behind their parents bodies, the two children burst into blood curdling screams. Joel jumps up and takes off running into the dark night. His sister yells for him to come back but she collapses into the arms of a neighbor.

Joel runs and screams wildly down the street and he karate kicks every garbage can in his path. A few gang members perk up and are tempted to follow him until they see his awesome butterfly kicks. In the middle of the night, Joel jumps off a bridge into Central Park and walks until he reaches a wicked looking bridge. There he meets an old man who sounds familiar and looks like Morgan Freeman. There’s something mysterious about the old man that gives Joel chills on top of his chills.

Joel started sleeping in run-down clapboard apartment buildings where cock-roaches used his warm body him as a highway to find food. That was until the landlord kicked him out the back door yelling obscenities and threatening him to not come back. Joel just gave him the finger and told him to go to Hell.

Since his parent’s church was in Manhattan, Joel had to find a way back home on Staten Island. He started sneaking onto the buses until the bus drivers started calling the police but by the time they arrived, Joel was long gone, learning how to hitch-hike home. When he finally got home his neighbor gave him some more bad news that his grandparents were killed in a car wreck!

A kind church neighbor brought Joel’s sister, Noelle, home and both kids did a happy dance until a Social worker knocked on the door insisting they were too young to live alone. Both children were put in separate cars and separate foster care homes, which devastated both of them. For the next two years they wondered where the other one was living.

Joel got a job flipping burgers but his foster care father stole his weekly paychecks so Joel ran away. One night in Chinatown, he butterfly kicked a thug off a girl in an alley and saved her life but poor Joel wasn’t so lucky. As he struggled to breathe he heard footsteps coming closer but were they friend or foe?

Meanwhile his twin sister who got the good foster parents had a dream of her brother being in deep trouble so she knelt beside her bed and prayed nonstop while he laid dying in a puddle of blood. This story has many more twists and turns, going from rags to riches and miracles!



Kathy M. Storrie